• Mushroom Matcha
  • Mushroom Matcha

Mushroom Matcha

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Our blend isn't just ordinary matcha – it's a powerhouse of flavor and wellness. We start with the finest, organic ceremonial-grade matcha available, ensuring every sip is pure indulgence. We've taken matcha to the next level by infusing it with a carefully selected blend of functional mushrooms, including shiitake, reishi, chaga, cordyceps, and lion's mane. 🍄

With each sip, you'll feel a natural boost of energy and focus, without the unwanted jitters that often accompany most caffeinated drinks. Our Mushroom Matcha offers a wealth of health benefits, from immune support to anti-inflammatory effects and improved cognitive function.

It's the ultimate way to nourish your body and mind, all in one delicious cup! 

Customer Reviews

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Karis Halsne
My new morning favorite.

Had no idea what to expect but I know the benefits of green tea and mushrooms, especially lions mane. But this tea is delicious and the best way to start my morning. Plus loaded with nutrients.

Lani Delello
Delectably healthy!

Love this ceremonial matcha with adaptogenic mushrooms so very mush!😉 It’s tasty and has obvious quality just by looking at its vibrant green color and pure streamlined ingredients. * Side Note: I’m not much of a sweet beverage drinker… slightly sweet is my tastebud tolerance, so a bit less monk fruit would be awesome! That way for those who enjoy a sweeter taste can add their own sweetener of choice PRN. This is the only reason I gave 4 stars, otherwise it’s a 5 star product all the way!

Maddie Bandy

I have NEVER liked matcha. It is seriously the only thing I could never get behind. When Sarah posted this and started explaining the taste and just simply making it *pretty*, I was skeptical but thought “I’ll support a small business”. Fast forward to my first time trying it and I kid you not, my jaw dropped. This stuff is insanely delicious. It doesn’t need any sweetener at all! From this moment on, I will never try another matcha ever again. Myko only!

Melissa Vargas
Best Matcha Ever!

This is the best matcha ever! I have tried many different matcha’s and this one is my favorite by far. I didn’t even use sweetener. 10/10 recommend!

Hannah Petrakis

Love it! Been trying to find a product like this that tastes good and is still healthy